About Ms. Couponista

Dana “Zadie” is Ms. Couponista.

She strategically uses coupons to reduce her grocery bill by 60-90% and helps others do the same. Trained in Project Management and Computer Science, Zadie uses the web to research the best deals on everything from cheap eats to travel discounts. If you’re in Maryland, you will enjoy her Baltimore Examiner Insider Deals column.  You can find this vegetarian shopping for a meat-loving man who has two great kids and Pancho, the cat. 

“I DON’T SPEND MONEY UNLESS I’M SAVING MONEY..and you shouldn’t either.”
Ms. Couponista


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10 Responses to About Ms. Couponista

  1. Mizz T says:

    I went to Rite Aid yesterday and purchased 12 NutraNail products and paid .55cents. Brought the bag-o-polishes back to the office and showed 3 coworkers who I had been trying to get on board with the couponing. I first showed the receipt and than the bag and they were flabergasted! Logged onto your website IMMEDIATELY!!

    Thanks for keeping up posted with all the best deals! You are wonderful!!

  2. Perry says:

    Riteaid has a 3.00 off coupon in there circular on American Greeting cards, well I purchased six 99cents AG cards n got them all free!!!!!!! I only paid the tax it was like 30cents.

  3. ashley says:

    Hi, we spoke in ShopRite today and I just wanted to say thanks for the card! It`s always nice to have a new place to hunt deals! I`m very new to this couponing thing but hopefully your site will help me learn the tricks of the trade!

    • HI ASHLEY! Yea, so glad you came to visit. I hope to see you again at Shop Rite. I love making new coupon friends. I mentioned you in my ShopRite trip pic from today – check it out!

  4. jeanie alger says:

    hi I was in Kmart the other night & this lady was telling me how much she saves using coupons & she gave me your card . I was wondering if you have classes that you teach & if so how much & where & when myself & a few of my friends want to do this but dont know how to get started !! thank you very much for any help !! (really need a class or 2)

    thank Jeanie!

  5. Ana says:


    I discovered your site about 2 weeks ago. I was googling for coupon availability for a specific product and your site popped up. Since, I have been looking around for other sites and I love yours the best still! I love your store by store breakdown. In one breakdown I probably only use a couple of the deals because being just 2 of us (students) we really don’t need as much. I think when you have kids this is probably a lifesaver! I only buy what I need and use anyways plus a couple of products I might like to try, only if free.

    However, I just watched the first episode ever of extreme couponing on TLC and am shocked. I don’t see how this can be celebrated. I get that stockpiling when things are on sale is good. But 150 packets of chocolate milk? If I were a non-couponer (even a couponer) and looking for an item missing on the shelf I would be upset. And how does one even get 75 coupons of one item? I know when I print there is a limit, even with multiple computers, I’ll get max 8-10. My biggest problem with this, is emptying the shelfs of items that are on sale that others won’t be able to get (with coupons or without them). That is not ethical. I live in Boston, and perhaps people here are meaner (it’s ok, we don’t mind the stereotype), but store salespersons will not allow you to skirt their policies. For example if the limit is 10 of an item per person, and you have divided your transaction in 6 parts to get 60 of that item, they will not let you do it. It is just simple good consideration towards other people.

    PS. My cat Felix thanks you for the great pet freebies and target deals posted since he has been able to sample and love many new treats!

    • Hi Ana,

      Welcome and thank you for the kind words.

      Extreme couponing? I know some couponers who have been on the show and they don’t shop that way in normal life. They are encouraged to get the biggest haul of their life – for the shock value of the show. Most couponers I know are like you and me; they pick up a few things every week and build a stockpile over time.

      Empty shelves? Yeah that happens. A lot of times stores offer great deals despite the fact they don’t have the inventory to support the demand. I get a raincheck or wait for another deal.

      Happy savings to you and Felix!

      Ms. Couponista

  6. hi ms. couponista,

    this is my first time at your site. a friend of mine travels about 1 hour to go to shop rite in Danville PA and she told of all the great deals she gets there that it is worth the trip. anyway, i started to search for matchups for shop rite and came upon your site. how happy i was to see a matchup for weis also!!

    well, here is my question or suggestion: is there a way to click on an item matched to compile a shopping list and just print what i want to get and have coupons for instead of printing the entire page and crossing off what i dont intend to get? if there is already a way to do this can you explain this for me? again this is my first time here and love your site so far!!

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