Sunday Insert Preview

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12/11: Smartsource & Red Plum

Smart Source 12/11

Arm & Hammer $1/1 Spinbrush product (3/31/12)
Betty Crocker $.40/1 Cookie Mix pouch 17.5oz+ (2/4/12)
Betty Crocker $.75/both SuperMoist cake mix AND Ready to Spread frosting (2/4/12)
Blink $1/1 Tears or GelTears lubricating eye drops (1/9/12)
California Olive Ranch $.75/1 extra virgin olive oil (3/31/12)
Centrum $1/1 Centrum or Centrum specialist multivitamin (2/29/12)
Centrum $7/1 Pro Nutrients (12/25/11)
Cepacol $1/1 product (1/22/12)
Chex $.50/1 Chocolate Mix 4.5oz+ (2/4/12)
Chex $.50/2 Mix or 100 Calorie Snack 4.5oz+ (2/4/12)
Cinnabon Free regular coffee with purchase of Cinnabon Calssic Roll (1/14/12)
Covergirl $1/1 product (1/31/12)
Crunchmaster $1/1 bag or box of crackers (1/31/12)
Delizza $1/1 European-style pastry product (2/29/12)
Energizer $1/1 batteries, flashlight or USB wall charger or car charger (1/15/12)
Everybody’s Nuts $1/1 bag 7oz+ (2/29/12)
General Mills $1/2 cereals (1/21/12)
Green Giant $.50/2 Valley Fresh Steamers frozen vegetables 11 or 12 oz only (2/4/12)
Green Giant $.60/3 frozen boxed vegetables (2/4/12)
Hershey $1/1 Pot of Gold, Kisses or Reese’s miniatures brand gift boxes 6.7oz+ (12/25/11)
Hershey B2G1 free Kisses, Reese’s, York, Kit Kat, Rolo or Bliss chocolates 7.8oz+ up to $3.69 (12/25/11)
Lamisil $1.50/1 product (1/31/12)
L’Oreal $1/1 Paris skincare product ets (2/5/12)
L’Oreal $5/1 Paris Youth Code Kit (2/5/12)
Mazola $.50/1 oil or spray product (2/5/12)
Mucinex $1/1 children’s or adult product (1/8/12)
Nature Made $1/1 letter vitamins excluding vitamin C (1/11/12)
Nature Made $2/1 Triple Probiotic (1/11/12)
Opti-Free $1/1 PureMoist MPDS 10oz (1/28/12)
Opti-Free $2/1 PureMoist MPDS 2x10oz twim (1/28/12)
Pillsbury $.30/2 Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits (3/3/12)
Pillsbury $.40/2 Crescent Dinner Rolls (3/3/12)
Pillsbury $.40/2 Refrigerated Pizza Crust, Breadsticks, Loaves or Dinner Rolls (3/3/12)
Pillsbury $.40/2 Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls (3/3/12)
Pillsbury $.50/2 Rolled Refrigerated Pie Crusts (3/3/12)
Pillsbury $.55/3 Crescent Dinner Rolls (3/3/12)
Pillsbury $1/2 Refrigerated Cookie Dough (3/3/12)
Poise $1/1 product (1/21/12)
Poise $2.50/1 Hourglass Shape Pads (1/21/12)
Precious $1/1 Homestyle shred mozzarella dnd (3/11/12)
Prevacid 24HR $7/2 28ct or 42ct (1/7/12)
Progresso $1/4 soups (2/4/12)
Purina $5/2 pet care items: 11lb+ dry dog food, 16lb+ dry cat food or 35lb+ Tidy Cats litter TARGET coupon (1/31/12)
Rips $.50/1 bite-size licorice 4oz+ (3/31/12)
SC Johnson Free $5 gift card with purchase of 5 SC Johnson items TARGET coupon (12/24/11)
Scotch-Brite $.75/2 scrub sponge 3pk+ (1/31/12)
Stella $1/2 cheese cup or wedge varieties dnd (3/31/12)
Totino’s $.35/1 Rolls snacks (3/3/12)
Treasure Cave $.50/1 cheese 4oz+ (3/31/12)
up & up/Benefiber $2.50 off up & up vitamin item with purchase of Benefiber fiber supplement TARGET coupon (1/11/12)
Woolite $1/1 Carpet & Upholstery machine formula (1/31/12)
Woolite $1/1 formula (1/31/12)
Woolite $1/1 Stomp N Go (1/31/12)

12/11 Redplum Preview

$2.00 off on any purchase of Millstone coffee 10oz or large 02-29-12
$1.00 off on the purchase of any Ferrero Rocher 2-15-12 ( not sure about size exclusion)
$.50 off 1 Ruffies trash bags 1-10-12
$1.00 off 1 Sundown naturals 1-25-12
$1.00 off 1 Garnier nutrisse color creme 12-25-11
$1.00 off 1 package of Kings hawaiian 3-31-12
$1.00 off 1 Natures bounty 1-25-12
$.50 off 1 dial Nutriskin lotion 12-25-11
$1.00 off 1 Loreal studio line styling 2-5-12
$1.00 off 1 Loreal paris eyeliner 2-5-12
$1.00 off 1 Loreal paris eye 2-5-12
$1.00 off 2 package of Keebler 2-5-12
$2.00 off 1 Axe shower gel or detailer 1-7-12
$1.00 off 1 Axe bodyspray 1-7-12
$3.00 off 1 Axe holliday pack 1-7-12
$1.00 off 1 Robitussin 2-4-12
$2.00 off 1 Advil congestion relief,advil cold,& sinus 3-4-12
$1.00 off 1 Advil 2-11-12
$1.00 off 1 Advil pm 2-11-12
$1.00 off 1 Childrens Advil 2-11-12
$1.00 off 1 Children Dimetapp 1-22-12
$10.00 off any purchase of $25.00 CATHERINES (december 11-december 24) $1.00 off two Head & shoulder 1-31-12
$7.00 off 1 Crest 3d white professional effects or 2 hours express whitestrips 1-31-12
$.75 off 1 Oral b pulsar 1-31-12
$5.00 off 1 Oral b replacement brush heads 3ct 1-31-12
$10.00 off 1 Oral b pulsonic or professional care rechargeable 1-31-12 $3.00 off 1 Olay regenerist or total effcts facial 1-31-12
$4.00 one Olay luscious embrace or silk whimsy bar soap with purchase of any olay product 1-31-12
$1.00 off 1 Duracell coppertop,ultra power.ultra photo lithium or specialty batteries 1-31-12
$2.00 off 1 Duracell rechargeable 1-31-12

12/4: Smartsource and Red Plum

Smartsource 12/4

Brita $1/1 bottle (2/4/12)
Brita $4/1 pitcher or faucet mount system (2/4/12)
Bronkaid $2/1 product (2/29/12)
Campbell’s $.40/2 Condensed soups excl Chicken Noodle, Tomato & Great for Cooking soups (2/1/12)
Campbell’s $.40/2 SpaghettiOs (2/1/12)
Campbell’s $.40/4 Chicken Noodle and Tomato soups (2/1/12)
Chex $1/2 cereals (1/14/12)
Colgate $.40/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding Plus and Extra Clean (12/24/11)
Colgate $.50/1 toothpaste 4oz+ (12/24/12)
Curel $2/1 moisturizer 3.5oz+ (2/4/12)
Cuties $.35/1 3lb bag dnd (1/4/12)
Cuties $.55/1 5lb box dnd (1/4/12)
Edge $.55/1 shave gel excludes 2.75oz (1/15/12)
Efferdent/Effergrip $2/2 products (1/29/12)
Excedrin $2/1 20ct+ dnd (1/7/12)
Excedrin $4/2 20ct+ dnd (1/7/12)
Fancy Feast $1/3 appetizers 2oz trays (3/4/12)
Fleischmann’s $.40/1 strip or jar of yeast (4/8/12)
Gas-X $1.50/1 product (1/31/12)
Gas-X $2/1 Prevention product (1/31/12)
Glade $.55/1 Premium Room Spray 9.7oz (1/14/12)
Glade $.75/2 4oz jar or Scented Oil canldes products (1/14/12)
Glade $1/1 Plugins Scented Oil twin refill or $1/2 single refills (1/14/12)
Hasbro $2/1 Operation, Jenga or Trouble KMART coupon (12/10/11)
Hasbro $6/1 Scrabble, Twister, bop it KMART coupon (12/10/11)
Hasbro $8/1 Simon Flash, Scrabble Flash, Yahtzee Flash KMART coupon (12/10/11)
Hills Bros $.55/1 12oz+ (2/5/12)
Jergen’s $3/2 moisturizers 4oz+ (2/4/12)
John Frieda $3/1 Precision Foam Colour (2/1/12)
Jose Ole $1/1 item 16oz+ (1/31/12)
Karo/Kingsford’s $.40/1 16oz+ syrup or 16oz corn starch (4/8/12)
Kleenex $.50/3 50ct+ boxes or $.50/1 bundle pack ets dnd (1/1/12) Kleenex $.75/1 hand towels ets (1/29/12)
Krusteaz $1/2 Bakery Style cookie mix (2/29/12)
K-Y $2/1 product ets (2/29/12)
Luster $1.50/1 White 7 Power or Sensitive (1/31/12)
Luster $5/1 1 Hour White (1/31/12)
MiraLAX $1/1 except 7 dose (1/15/12)
MiraLAX $3/1 30 dose (1/15/12)
Nancy’s $1/1 frozen appetizer or dessert dnd (3/11/12)
Neo-Synephrine $1/1 product (2/29/12)
Neutrogena $1/1 makeup remover, lip or eye makeup (1/31/12)
Neutrogena $2/1 face makeup (1/31/12)
Neutrogena $3/1 Microdermabrasion system (3/4/12)
Pillsbury $.30/2 Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits (2/25/12)
Pillsbury $.40/2 Crescent Dinner Rolls (2/25/12)
Pillsbury $.40/2 Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls (2/25/12)
Pillsbury $.50/2 Rolled Refrigerated Pie Crusts (2/25/12)
Pillsbury $1/2 Refrigerated Cookie Dough (2/25/12)
POM Wonderful $1/1 product dnd (3/31/12)
Purina $1.50/2 dog snacks (3/4/12)
Purina $1.50/2 Friskies or Whisker Lickin’s (3/4/12)
Purina $4/4 dog snacks (3/4/12)
RevitaLens OcuTec $3/1 multi-purpose disinfecting solution (1/2/12) Schick $1/1 Hydro shave gel (1/15/12)
Schick $2/1 disposable razor excludes 2ct (1/15/12)
Schick $2/1 men’s razor, Hydro or Quattro, or refill (1/15/12)
Schick $2/1 Quattro for Women or Intuition Plus Razor or refill (1/15/12)
Scotch $1/1 gift wrap cutter or paper cutter (1/31/12)
Scotch $1/1 Safe Cut package opener (1/31/12)
Scott $1.50/8+ rolls Naturals bath tissue (1/15/12)
Similasan $2/1 product dnd (2/29/12)
Skintimate $.55/1 shave gel excludes 2.75oz (1/15/12)
Snyder’s $1/1 8oz+ pretzel pieces or pretzel sandwiches (2/5/12)
Solo $.75/1 cup, plate or bowl (2/29/12)
Starbucks $1/1 coffee 11, 12 or 20oz (1/14/12)
Starbucks $1/1 Via Ready Brew excludes 3pack (1/14/12)
Starbucks $3/2 11, 12 or 20oz (1/14/12)
Sunsweet $.55/1 Plum Amazins diced plums (3/31/12)
T.G.I. Friday’s $1/1 Frozen Entrees for One (1/15/12)
Theraflu $2/1 product (1/21/12)
Theraflu $3/1 Warming Relief syrup or caplets (1/21/12)
Theraflu $4/2 products (1/21/12)
Triaminic $3/1 Fever Reducer Pain Reliever product (2/15/12)
Triaminic $3/2 product (2/15/12)
Werther’s $.75/2 Original Chewy Caramels bags (1/31/12)
Ziploc $1.50/2 containers (1/14/12)
Ziploc $1/2 bags (1/14/12)

12/4 Redplum Insert Preview 

Aleve product 40 ct or higher no Aleve D $2.00/1 (1/31/12)
Aleve products 40 ct or higher no Aleve-D $5.00/2 (1/31/12)
Aleve-D products $2.00/1 (1/31/12)
Alka-seltzer product $1.00/1 (3/31/12)
Alka-seltzer plus product $2.00/1 (3/31/12)
All laundry detergent (28 load or larger) .75/1 (1/15/12)
Cesar treats $1.00/2 (1/31/12)
Clairol Hair Color $2.00/1 (12/31/11)
Derma Silk 5 minute face lift or 9o second eye lift $3.00/1 (12/13/11) Domino 24oz organic or demerara sugar product .30/1 (1/31/12)
Domino bottle organic light or amber agave nectar .65/1 (1/31/12)
Domino sugar products (2lbs or larger) .75/2 (1/31/12)
Dunkin donuts any 11 oz or larger bag of coffee (not redeemable in restaurants) $1.50/2 (2/29/12)
Ester-C tablet, Gummy or Powder $2.00/1 (1/18/12)
Folgers any coffee product, 30z or larger $1.00/2 (1/15/12)
Garnier Moisturizer $2.00/1 (1/1/12)
K Mart Coupon Save $5.00 on a purchase of $25 or more of Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn, Dora, Little People and Inaginext toys (12/10/11) L’Oreal Ever Pure, Ever Sleek, Ever Strong shampoo or conditioner $1.00/1 (1/29/12)
L’Oreal Ever Pure, Ever Sleek, Ever Strong treatment $1.00/1 (1/29/12) Mars holiday products $1.00/2 (12/25/11)
Maybelline Lipcolor $1.00/1 (2/4/12)
Nestle Toll House Christmas Characters Sugar Cookies $1.00/1 (2/14/12) Nivea face care product or TWO shave gels $1.00/1 (12/18/11)
Nivea Body Lotion $1.00/1 (12/31/11)
Nivea Good-bye cellulite product $2.00/1 (12/31/11)
Nivea Lip Care product $3.00/2 (12/18/11)
One A Day adult or teen multivitamin product $2.00/1 (12/31/11)
One A Day adult or teen multivitamin products $5.00/2 (12/31/11) Pedigree pedigree treats for dogs (dentastix 5.5oz or larger, marrobone 8oz or larger, Jumbone 6.34oz or larger, any size breathbuster, any size goodbites $1.00/2 (1/15/12)
Sarna anti-itch produst $1.50/1 (*1/31/12)
Scope mouthwash (710 ml or larger) $1.00/1 (1/31/12)
Snuggle fabric softener liquid or dryer sheets .50/1 (1/1/12)
Super Pretzel soft pretzel item .50/1 (12/31/11)
Temptations treats for cats $1.00/2 (1/14/12)
Hoover Mail In rebate $4.00 12/18/11  

Use the Coupon Database to search for a particular coupon.

21 Responses to Sunday Insert Preview

  1. Kristen says:

    Every other blog I have been reading says there is a 3$ off of Womens Nivea bodywash as well as the mens is this not true or is it one of those regional things I wonder?

    • Ms. Couponista says:

      Hi Kristen, Thanks for your comment. Our sources have only identified the following Nivea coupons, although we did see the match-up you mentioned. The coupon may be regional. If you don’t get it, try one of the coupon clipping services listed above.

      Nivea body lotion 8.4oz- 13.5 oz Save $1.00/1 (5/15)
      Nivea Express Hydration Lotion or gel 8.4oz – 13.5oz Save $2.00/1 (5/15)
      Nivea for Men body wash 8.4fl oz- 16.9 fl oz Save $3.00/1 (5/14)
      Nivea for Men face care product or TWO shave gels 0.5 floz- 7oz Save $2.00/1 (5/141)

    • laurapadilla1 says:

      it is true — i got my nivea coupon 3$ and only paid 88cents for the men bodywash at cvs — i dont remember were i got the coupon from

  2. Iris says:

    is there right guard buy1get 1 free coupon in the 5/1 redplum? i seriously looked through mines three times and missed it!!!

    • Yes, the Coupon Database is stating that a B1G1 Dry Idea or Right Guard Product coupon came in the 5/1/2011 Red Plum Insert. The link to the coupon database is on the right side of the every page. Some coupons are only distributed regionally. Consider buying the coupons or trading on — both links are also on the right.

  3. Kathy Ramirez says:

    Is there a website that gives access to upcoming circulars so I can plan my shopping trips? I see previews on coupon but wonder if there is a preview for circulars?

    • pennypincher3000 says:

      Hi Kathy, we post circular previews as they become available to us. We post them under the “Store Deals” heading.

  4. Rachel says:

    Do you know if the RP and SS coupons are in the baltimore sun this weekend, 6/12? Last weekend, over half of the adverstised coupons were not in that paper.

  5. crystal petersen says:

    My area only had the P&G coupon insert this past Sunday , I buy three each of two different papers and each one only had P&G insert!!

    • pennypincher3000 says:

      Good morning Crystal. There was only 1 insert in last weeks paper 7/3, it was the P&G. We recently posted a preview for next weeks 7/10 coupons.

  6. ro says:

    I met you once in Shoprite. You were very kind and humble and since I visit your site at least once a day for my very best deals. However, today I learned a very valuable lesson the hard way. I usually buy six papers a weeks or sometimes ten depending on the inserts content. I usually check one on site before I buy additional ones to make sure the coupons I want most are in there. Today I just checked your list, was excited about the Pilgrim coupon and blindly bought ten papers. It along with at least four other coupons listed were not in the smart source insert. Lesson learned. You may want to pass this on to your readers so they won’t make the same mistake. I enjoy your site.

    • Hi Ro,

      Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, some coupons are regional and only released in certain areas. Also, the coupon values may vary by region too. If you really want that coupon, check some of the coupon sources listed on the site. You can request individual coupon, rather than buying entire papers. Also, you can place coupon trade requests on

      Glad you are enjoying the site – hope you see you at the store soon.

  7. hannah says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting this so i could see all the coupons that i didnt get.
    I went to a gas station to buy a couple of news papers for the coupons and get home and guess what… ALL the coupons were gone, somebody had gone through the newspapers and taken out the coupons. This is very irritating for honest people who pay to save rather than people who steal the inserts. I even went through the paper at the gas station to check, flipped through saw that the red plum and smart source were in there, got home and it was just the covers of the inserts. Im just so upset that there are people so low and selfish they cant even share. The extreme couponers shouldnt be getting airtime of how well they save money but jailtime for being a theif. My experience today has truly disgust me with these so call “heros” for saving money.

  8. lars says:

    Is there only a SS insert in 8/21 Sunday papers? One site says no RP and another says there is?

  9. Judy says:

    How do I find out exactly what coupons I should be receiving for region (central GA)? I’ve suspected for some time that I wasn’t getting all the coupons I should be getting but would like to be sure before calling to complain.
    Thank you!

    • pennypincher3000 says:

      Different newspapers even in the same area oftern receive different coupons/values. I subscribe to 2 papers and have major differences between them. There really isn’t anyone to complain to. If there are any specific coupons you are interested in, you may wish to contact the manufacturer directly or use a clipping service. Here are a few you may be interested in trying: Coupons & Things by Dede, Kuntry Klippers or My Coupon Hunter.

  10. billybob says:

    Hello, love your site because you have the shoprite. I live in south Jersey and shop there and walmart for most things. I have been couponing for awhile and have my own opinion of the extreme coupon show. I think it is nuts, when you make people believe you need to clear a shelf of 100 bottles of mustard, and store in your garage. How about buy 5 bottles and in a few weeks it will be on sale again. Great that you have a 90% savings on your $800 dollar order, but I did not see the staples like fruit, veggies and meats in your cart, just condiments, pasta and cat treats. I am an out of work father of 4 kids, sorry, I am not feeding them mustard and cat treats yet. We have the stockpiles of the tooth paste and deoderant, razors and stuff like that, but 300 packs of tic-tacs, no thanks…no such thing as money maker in Jersey. Anyway I don’t want to get on a rant.
    My wife and I have been couponing awhile and spent several hours a week getting the best possible deal we can on everything we can, and LOVE YOUR SITE! it is always a help to us.
    I have one question for anyone who may see this and shops in shoprite, is there anywhere to get a preview of there sales flier like Tuesday or Wednesday before it comes in the mail on Saturday??? Is there anywhere I can get this….HELP IF YOU CAN, AND THANK YOU!!

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